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Long Gemstone Wraparound Necklace - Rainbow Moonstone

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  • Gemstone: Vermeil-edged Rainbow Moonstone Cushion Stones
  • Stone Size: 10-12 MM
  • Vermeil: 4 MM 24K Brushed Vermeil Lentil Beads
  • Length: 66 inches - can be worn doubled or tripled
  • Clasp: 14K gold-filled spring ring

Custom faceted Rainbow Moonstone gold-edged cushion beads with 24K brushed vermeil lentil beads, hand wrapped with 14K gold-filled wire,  & hammered 14K gold-filled cable chain. Gorgeous moonstone with lots of dramatic blue flash. Each stone is unique and will have slightly different characteristics. The gemstones are custom cut to a smaller size than the regular in-stock sizes

What is Gold-Filled

Gold-filled is a layered gold, is easy to care for and will usually maintain its golden shine for a lifetime & can be worn exactly as you would wear solid gold. Gold-filled is constructed in layers, with the core metal being a jewelers’ brass which has heat and pressure bonded to the surface. Gold-filled contains 200 times more gold than gold plated and will last much longer than electroplated jewelry. It is a cost-efficient alternative to solid gold & is also fine for people with sensitive skin.

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